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One Year Bodyweight Program


Ever since I was a kid I like working out one way or another. At the age of 8 I already liked doing push-ups and when I was 15 I started doing pull ups after I went running. My love for bodyweight training has always been visible in my YouTube videos. Now I decided it was time to develop a unique bodyweight workout program. This article explains what I went through to develop it and what you can expect from my program. Bodyweight training (calisthenics) is a very effective and easy way to work out. Almost anyone can use calisthenics exercises as you need little to no equipment. Most workouts you find require not much more than a pull up bar and something to do dips on (dip station, dip bars, fence, and chairs). To me, that’s the beauty of bodyweight training and one of the main reasons why I wanted to make a complete One Year Bodyweight Program. I had this idea 6 months ago, after the success of my 3 year workout program. That program did include weightlifting exercises and required a lot more equipment. Most of the equipment can be found in any gym and a lot of people who work out at home also have all the equipment they needed. However, there are still plenty of people who do not have any equipment and prefer bodyweight training. For those I developed this one year program.

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What’s new?

In contrary to the previous program, I figured I should have video clips demonstrating all the exercises. Despite the fact that all the exercises mentioned in the previous program were covered in my videos, I didn’t make it easy for the users if they were completely unfamiliar with working out. This new bodyweight only workout plan has actually been linked to a demonstration video in which all the exercises are shown. To make it even easier, I spend 4 hours linking every individual exercise to the exact demonstration from the video. No need to watch the entire video every time you need to know how an exercise is done. Instead, you are immediately directed to the exercise in the video that you are curious about. For this you do of course need internet connection, but other than that it’s available for free and it’s advertisement free! Even those who do not want to buy the program can watch the demonstrations to get some inspiration for bodyweight training.

What to expect
As you probably know if you’ve been following me for a while, I’m someone who goes the extra mile to provide you with good quality information and products. For that reason the first 10 pages of my program consist of helpful information to get you started. I go into more depth on breathing techniques, how to improvise equipment so you do not have to buy anything to work out (think of how to do pull ups without a pull up bar), safety tips, how fast or slow you should do the exercises and much more. It even includes some helpful links to my website (such as a calorie calculator) and a link to my free 50-100 pull ups programs. The programs are built up of 4-6 training weeks per month. A total of 12 ‘regular’ months are shown and it contains 3 bonus months. The first month is the preparation month for those who can’t even do 1 single pull or push up. The last two bonus months come after the 12 regular months and are much more advanced. It even is a big challenge for me to complete (not saying that I’m so strong or in perfect shape, but you get the point). I tried to make the program in such a way that literally anyone without any experience can start with the program and that is also worth the money for those who are more advanced. I think the last 6 months are still challenging for those who have been working out for years. That’s the great thing about bodyweight training, you can often adjust it in such a way that it’s accessible, yet challenging for an athlete with any level of fitness. The transition to different ‘levels of fitness’ goes very gradually, making it a safe way to make progress. The individual workouts are shown in Excel tables, which make it very easy for you to read them. There is an explanation on how to read the programs for those who struggle with it, but you should be able to understand the programs without difficulty if you take a quick look at them. No need for complicated programming, everything is clear, compact and easy to follow. The program is printable and all the months are on one or two papers, which both save paper and ink.

Want to know more about my One Year Bodyweight Program? Check out the preview video, showing all the exercises that are linked in the workout program:

Or simply learn more about it on this page and get your program here:

Do you have questions about the program? Feel free to contact me via my website, YouTube or social media. For more products, check out my web shop:

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