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Benefits of Going Barefoot

A relatively new trend in the fitness world is running barefoot. As a former runner I always wanted to try that out, but I’ve had some bad experiences with a nail going through my foot and having a piece of…

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Natural Flow Flexibility

Natural flow flexibility Quite recently I came up with a, to me, new concept of flexibility training that’s perfectly suited for those who struggle to stick with a flexibility routine. Not only is it great for those who have motivational…

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Why I became vegan

After putting up discussions against any argument of vegans for many years on my YouTube channel, the time has come that I have to admit that they probably weren’t wrong in the first place. You may have already learned that…

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Goals: How to make and reach them

  We all have them. Some of them are big, some of them are small. No, I’m not talking about nipples, I’m talking about goals! Goals are what we try to achieve in our lives that give us a reason…

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6 Calorie-dense Meals

In my previous blog post I mentioned some easy to apply tips to increase your calorie intake. The next 6 calorie-dense meals are going to help you get in as many calories in one simple meal as possible. Most of…

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Calorie-Dense Foods

I recently got an email from a guy named Jonas who wanted some tips for healthy calorie-dense foods. Gaining weight can be as difficult or even more so for some, as is losing weight for others. Just as with losing…

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