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Introducing the JeromeFitness Blog

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My name is Jerome, a guy from the Netherlands (Europe), born in 1991. I want to welcome you to my fitness, nutrition and flexibility blog. On this blog I share my experience and knowledge with you in order to entertain, educate and inspire you. But first let me introduce myself to you properly.

At the age of 17 I got inspired by Bruce Lee and I wanted to obtain a similar physique and physical features such as doing one armed chin ups, two finger push ups and high kicks. By watching YouTube videos and reading articles on the internet I taught myself the basics of fitness and nutrition. I started working out with body weight exercises and by using a backpack filled with books as a substitute for free weights. In 2009 I decided to upload a video on YouTube, in which I performed two finger push ups (thumb and index finger) with one hand. This used to be a signature skill shown by Bruce Lee. It immediately got 50 views in one day which I thought was amazing. There were even some comments of people who wanted to congratulate me with the video and that motivated me to start making more videos. My goal became to inspire people over the world!

Not long after I had uploaded that video I bought my first set of dumbbells. I started looking around the internet for workout routines and figured I could just as well make my own training schedules and so I did. These routines made me stronger and gave me more confidence and soon I bought more equipment to build my own, home gym. Meanwhile I was also doing jogging and sprinting routines. At the age of 15 I started doing that and made my own training routines for that as well. As a big fan of martial arts movies I wanted to be in great shape. Building strength, muscle mass, endurance, speed and flexibility were among my goals and I tried to go after all of them. Again by making my own routines I developed my flexibility. In 6 months time I taught myself the side split by only training for it 30 minutes each week. Soon my flexibility became my trademark on YouTube and a lot of my videos were centered around getting the right body and physical features to become a great martial artist.

My YouTube career started growing and I gathered millions of views all over the world. The videos I made were watched in every country in the world, many thousands of viewers subscribed to my channel and I even won the European version of YouTube NextUp (a competition for YouTube talent). About a year ago I started the website where I give valuable information about nutrition, fitness and flexibility. Writing became another part of my career and I started to enjoy doing research on the covered topics as well as writing articles. This all brought me to this new step in my online fitness career, which is blogging. Writing a blog allows me to cover various subjects within my niche of fitness and health. I can release my creativity and will try to entertain, educate and inspire you with my articles.

Some of my trademarks:

  • Side and front split
  • Side split between two walls
  • Two finger push ups
  • Triple clap push ups
  • Has six-pack abs, year-round
  • I have performed a total of over 60 different skills in my videos (such as bridges, cartwheels, handstands, one armed chin ups, running up a high vertical wall, splits, muscle ups and many more)


My fitness-related history:

  • I stared doing judo at 8 years old and continued until my 14th year. I got back for one year when I was 20 years old, but eventually quit at the brown belt level.
  • At high school I was at a special sports class in which I was taught about various sports and health in general. During high school I have had over 10 lessons of boxing, kick boxing, jiu jitsu and self-defense.
  • After high school I attended a sports education for 3 months. I learned to teach, organize and other things. The actual education would have taken me 4 years, but I disliked it so much that I quit after just 3 months. I did manage to get my ‘climbing certification’, but that was about it.
  • I am a self-taught fitness, nutrition and flexibility expert. I finished a nutrition course and gained an official certificate as weight consultant. All the information I can provide you with in terms of flexibility was gathered through experience and experimenting on my own.
  • I own and have read over 50 fitness, nutrition and overall health books.
  • At the age of 17 I bought my first set of dumbbells and made my own workout schedules. It was 3 years later, at the age of 20 that I had completed my home gym. So from the age of 20 I started lifting more seriously, although I never really seemed to have talent for it.
  • At the moment I attend a college to get my bachelor degree in nursing. After this I would like to go after a master degree in this field as well.


That’s me in a nutshell. Now start your free education on this blog and keep up to date with my articles. My goal is to write at least two articles a week on various subjects. You can ask me to write specific articles via ‘ask Jerome’. Who knows, I might write an article about the topic you want to know everything about.

Stay healthy!

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