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About my absence


It has been almost 6 months ago since my last blog post on my website. There has happened a lot over the past months. I figured I should share this with you guys and make a new start. I want to pick up writing as a hobby again and what better way to do that than creating blog posts for you guys. But before going into further detail on what I am planning to do in the future, here is an update of the reasons behind my absence.

School, work and moving out

In February the last 6 months of my Bachelor of Science in Nursing started and I had little energy or interest to keep up with my YouTube channel. Let alone with my blog and website. I did manage to upload roughly 1 video a week during that period with some exceptions, that is. However, concentrating on writing a decent paragraph for my blog, which is not even my main focus in my online career, was too much for me. Besides that I had to write my thesis, so I did enough writing already I guess. I did a qualitative study on how clinical reasoning played a role in nursing care for geriatric patients. I won’t bother you with what that means, but just understand that it took its toll on my creativity and motivation to write.

With that I did an internship at a hospital at a geriatric ward (old sick people with both physical, mental and social problems). I can honestly say that this was one of the hardest internships of my study. The job was both physically and mentally demanding. Combined with trying to train a couple of times a week, travelling back and forth to the internship and trying to eat healthy it was simply a pretty hard time for me. After taking and coding 7 interviews, writing the thesis and presenting it, I was rewarded with a 8,6 out of 10 (not my best, but I shouldn’t complain) and I passed my internship. I was now officially a bachelor of science in nursing. Even before getting my degree I went on a job interview and was hired for my first real job as a nurse. So as per August 2016 I worked in a nursing home as a nurse coaching co-workers, taking care of clients and improving the quality of the health care over there.

After a month I also tried to find a place for myself to live. I was living with my parents since I first wanted to finish University and get a job before moving out. The first apartment I went to see was also the one I got immediately. Roughly a month ago I got the keys to the apartment and 2 weeks ago everything was set and I was ready to live there. I build an entirely new studio/gym. Whenever I feel like it, I can now walk down one flight of stairs and start recording. Everything is set up already, in contrary to the studio in my parents’ shed. My dad and I also build a desk where I can make all my videos, record audio and now also write my blog posts on. And finally I have a spacious kitchen where I can film my own cooking show. Something I have wanted to do for quite a while now and finally have time and space for.

My future aspirations

Writing has always been something I liked doing. That’s why I thought it was a shame to give it up. Given the fact that I was getting bored during a few days off, I thought I had to do some more work. However, only focusing on making videos is too boring if you ask me. I literally did a Google search for ‘money making hobbies’ and one of the first things that was listed was blogging. Why didn’t I think of that? Apparently I forgot I had my own blog. So that is why I want to start this blog again. Why waste your valuable time on watching TV or doing other stuff that doesn’t bring you further in life? My life motto is ‘let this day count’ and you can do so by learning, by helping others, by improving yourself and by making a living with what you enjoy doing.

Nowadays we have the great opportunity to make a living with whatever we like to do. Whether you like gaming, play with Lego, cook, do make-up videos or workout, you can all make money with it. There is nothing wrong with wanting to earn money, especially not if it’s with something you enjoy doing. So to everyone who is reading this I encourage you to find out what you enjoy doing and think of a way you can make it even more fun by making it into a lucrative activity.

There is no telling in how many posts I’ll manage between making at least 3 videos a week, working 32 hours a week and keeping myself busy with household activities. But at least now I have the mental energy left to actually do some writing. Let’s make this happen!

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