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50 Facts About Me: JeromeFitness

  1. I’m a loner. I love being alone and after a while of being social I’m completely drained. You may know how it feels if you’re introverted yourself. I happen to be very introverted, but I managed to deal with it and most people don’t really notice that as I’m often goofing around all the time. Fellow introverts will recognize the need to reload your battery after being social for a while.
  2. Harry Potter was and is, the best story ever written in my opinion. As a kid I loved the books and I own all of them in Dutch, including the final part in English. I’ve read all of these books at least 6 times. I also like the films, be it a bit less than the books. At school we watched the first movie when I was about 10 years old I think and that’s when I also got the first book. After that I was hooked.
  3. I dislike traditions of all sorts. I can’t get really excited for Christmas or basically any Holiday, I don’t like doing things because others have been doing it for many years and so I should do it too. It just doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t like it. I don’t get the point of Easter, celebrating my birthday, New Year or basically anything else. You can wish me a happy new year as I like the gesture behind it, but I don’t really do anything special on these days. I don’t mind filling in for work for others on these days either as I would rather work than have to celebrate it.
  4. As a kid I was a big star wars fan. The first movie I saw was episode I, which most people think is bad, but I have special memories to it and therefore I think it’s a great movie. A while back I’ve watched all episodes in chronological order and did indeed think number 1 wasn’t the best out of the series. My personal favorite is probably 3 as it’s crammed with lightsaber action. I didn’t care much for spaceships and anything too techy, but I loved anything Jedi related. I’ve also seen the new movie and thought it was awesome.
  5. I’ve got a measured IQ of 135. A couple of years back I saw some sort of advertisement for Mensa and you could do an online test to see if you could do the real, professional test. It came out as positive, so I was invited to do a professional test. I was definitely never the dumbest in class and with things I was really motivated for like biology I excelled and always had really good grades. The same is true for my bachelor of Science in nursing. I didn’t find it a difficult study, apart from the internships. So I knew my IQ wasn’t very low (although IQ doesn’t say everything about how well you can learn of course). The test results came in and I was a little bit surprised to be within the top 1% of the world. I try not to brag about it and stay modest, but every once in a while I may drop the number 135 in a conversation when it’s about intelligence. Sorry.
  6. Lego was something I spend a lot of time with as a kid. I think I played with it until I was around 13-14 even. I enjoyed making up stories in my head and playing them out, building my own world and simply escaping from reality. Some people use drugs for that, I have different methods for it.

  7. My Myer Briggs Personality type is INFJ. For those who don’t know, the Myer Briggs Personality type says a whole lot about your personality. Based on usually around 60-70 multiple choice questions you’ll get placed in one of the personality types which usually are pretty accurate. When I read descriptions I do agree most by far with the INFJ. It happens to be the rarest with 1-2% of the population with this type. Men with this type are even more rare. I take pride in being as different from others as possible. Not because I think I’m better then others, but simply because I like living a life that hasn’t been lived a thousand times before. Walk the path that few have taken before is a motto I live by.
  8. Wanted to be a zoo keeper or do something with animals until I was about 16 when I found out I couldn’t study biology without physics and chemistry, which were two subjects I was very bad at (Math is the last of the three subjects I really wasn’t good at during high school). Eventually it turned out I would go and take care of animals though. Animals of the human species that is, but regardless, we are animals.
  9. I’ve never smoked a cigarette. In fact, I’ve never touched one. I did touch a packet of cigarettes when I worked on the pulmonary ward as an intern in a hospital. It was a patient’s but obviously I didn’t smoke it.
  10. I don’t drink and actually never have. I started YouTube at the age of 17 and before that I was already pretty active in sports. The legal drinking age was 16 back then (18 now) in the Netherlands, so I was among the few who didn’t drink. I think I’ve had a total of 4 sips of alcohol in my life. To give a more accurate estimate I think I only had about 10 ml of alcohol. Apart from the filled chocolates which I did eat when I was younger, but there isn’t much alcohol in there.
  11. Do I even need to say that I’ve never used drugs? The not smoking and drinking is kind of a giveaway on that I think. I life in the Netherlands where there is a pretty mild policy regarding drugs, but I personally don’t see benefits in using it, not even soft drugs. That’s just a personal choice. I’m not against the use of soft drugs though.
  12. I have a tic disorder. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have them. They often change from time to time and there are short periods when I hardly have any problems with it. It’s one of the few things I absolutely hate about myself. Unfortunately there is little I can do about it. Stress definitely isn’t great to avoid them. In stress free periods I often have long periods where I don’t have any tics. You cannot have seen any tics in my videos, or at least wasn’t aware of it, because during the filming I’m so focused on my lines and performing the exercises that I don’t think about it. However, during the takes I have plenty of tics. When I do collaborations I only send the edited clips, because otherwise others would have to look at that the whole time. I also choose not to show any in my video because when there are people who have the same problem they may get triggered themselves.
  13. As of August 2015 I’ve been vegan. I think there were a couple of accidental slip ups when there was some whey protein in the ingredients list of a food that I ate and I think a couple of times at restaurants where I had to go for a vegetarian option. However, I haven’t had meat or fish during that time and structurally no other animal products. Going vegan was one of the easiest and best decisions I’ve ever made in life. I’ll get into more depth about this subject in a different video though.
  14. In 2012 I started with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I never imagined I would become a nurse and I still often think it’s going to be so weird to actually be a registered nurse when I’m graduated. About 2 years before that I quit a sports education at some community college, because I wanted to do something easier to finish. I’m not going to explain the whole Dutch education system but I basically comes down to me doing something that was too easy for my level of education at the time. 3 months after I started that sports education at college I quit and had to think of something else. It turned out nursing was a career with a lot of prospects as I also was interested in getting my Masters after that. So now I’m almost done with my bachelor. In about 4 months I’m done (hopefully) and then I can think of which exact Masters degree I would like to pursuit.
  15. I already mentioned this briefly, but I often choose things few people do. I go my own way and try to look the other way most people do. There is nothing wrong with fitting in at all. It’s just that I’m way better at trying to stand out and do something completely different from the rest. You can see how this presents itself if you read this whole article or watch the entire YouTube video.

  16. I like foreign languages. Apart from speaking Dutch, my native language, I obviously use a lot of English, which also is one of my favorite languages. At high school I was taught German and French and later on when I was 20 I also studied Spanish for a year on my own. That’s also probably my favorite language, although I didn’t have time to keep it up unfortunately. Maybe I will get back to my Spanish when I have more time.
  17. I like people that dare to be different. This is slightly based on the fact that I myself choose different things than others. Likewise, I like it when people aren’t afraid to be themselves. There are people who get creeped out when someone is singing in the subway or start a random conversation with you on a bus. I like that. I must admit I’m not always in the mood to talk, but that’s because of fact one (I’m a loner).
  18. I’m not religious. In fact, I’m an atheist. I often had doubts about sharing this on YouTube, because it’s entirely unrelated to my content here on YouTube, but since this video is already unrelated to most of my content I thought it was nice to be open about this. Atheism has got a very negative name, especially in more religious places like the USA. In Europe it’s usually not a big deal, especially not in the Netherlands, which is known for its tolerance on those kind of things. I was baptized, did my communion and the other thing that comes after that. I don’t know what it’s called in English anymore. Anyway, I was kind of brought up as a Catholic, although my parents weren’t very fanatical about it either. Anyway, I never believed in religion. You could say I’m more agnostic towards the idea of a God, although I don’t believe that either. Atheists can be both good and bad, just like Muslims can be both good and bad. Same goes for Hindus, Christians and EVERY person. We all have good and bad qualities, but I think it’s unfair to contribute that to a religion or lack thereof. Personally I feel religion takes away some freedom for some people. I feel I can’t say anything I would like about religion, because I would offend people. Therefore I choose not to say those things. Not because I am a big fan of religion, but because I try to be nice to everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, age, sexual preferences and whatnot. You shouldn’t dislike someone just because they are atheist. I’m an atheist and I think I do more good for the world than a lot of people who live by the bible. I try to do the least harm to the world by being pretty minimalistic, I don’t own or want a car, I use public transportation and a bicycle most of the time and of course I’m vegan. Plus, I am planning to work in the health care as a nurse, I make free videos on YouTube, answer tons of questions to help people achieve their goals of a healthy lifestyle and make available lots of free information on my website and blog. So to say that I’m bad because I’m an atheist is just ignorant. By the way, this is by no means an invitation for you to start an argument about religious matters. I’m simply not interested discussing such topics on the internet, nor should you care about what my religious beliefs are.
  19. I have a brother. He’s 3 years older than I am and about 20 cm taller. Life’s unfair.
  20. I’m more of a morning person than anything else. I also like evenings, but for some reasons I really dislike afternoons. I don’t know why, it has always been that way.
  21. I’m short. 172 cm is very short for a guy in the Netherlands as the average height here is about 183 cm. The Netherlands are on average the tallest people in the world. So imagine how I must feel. I don’t care too much about it now, but when I was younger I really hated being so short and was bullied for it. Now my height is one of my least concerns luckily.
  22. I dislike Dutch movies and series because I think they suck at acting. Plus I don’t like the language.
  23. Movies are among the many things I really love. A couple of years ago I watched about 250 movies a year (don’t ask me how). There are tons of movies I really like, but among my favorites are the Departed, the Greenmile, Cast Away, the Revenant. My all time favorite movie is probably the Shawshank Redemption. I think Quentin Tarantino is a genius, but my favorite director must be Martin Scorsese because he has made some of my favorite movies and I often like the typical casts he uses for his movies.
  24. Favorite color is green. You may have guessed that already by the looks of my logo on my website and anything that is related to me. My eyes are green too by the way. Fun fact: Green is the rarest eye color with only about 2% of the population with this eye color.
  25. Always wake up early. That’s right, I hardly ever sleep in on the weekends or any other day basically. I’ve been a pretty early bird my entire life and was never to sleep long during the mornings. I usually couldn’t sleep after 9 AM.

  26. I’m pretty tidy and take pleasure from putting things in order and organizing things.
  27. I don’t like cars. Never have. I don’t know if I’ll ever own a car myself.
  28. My favorite music is classical music and movie soundtracks. I don’t really listen to lyrics when I hear other music. All I listen to when there is someone singing is the sound of their voice.
  29. I think astrology and mediums are stupid and don’t believe in it. Probably because it isn’t real as is proven in multiple studies.
  30. I’m not nationalistic. I don’t care about my roots or Dutch traditions. I do cheer on Dutch athletes when I like them personally, but I do the same for athletes from other countries that I find inspiring. To me it’s all about being able to relate to that athlete and sometimes it’s easier to do that when they are from the same country because they are shown on TV more often for example. However, I do think the Netherlands are awesome for their tolerance. They were the first country which allowed things like gay marriage and euthanasia, which I both support. I’m not gay, but I do think they should be able to get married and people who are against it need to shut up because it’s none of their concern. If I hear a grown up say they are opposed to gay marriage I lose all respect for them. It’s simply none of your business, so stop being a little child and let them live the lives they want to live! Euthanasia is a more difficult topic as you’re dealing with life or dead situations. As a nurse (well, almost) I’ve dealt with lots of situations where the best option was death. Even though it is often very difficult for the family to deal with, it’s usually the best thing for the patient to end their suffering.
  31. I’ve been on television 5 times, have been interviewed for numerous newspapers, magazines and even on the radio. Yet only about 3 people recognized me on the street.
  32. It is ironic because I dislike media and news. I never read a newspaper because it’s a waste of time and undermines your ability to think for yourself. I ignore news that’s broadcasted on the radio and I haven’t watched the news on TV for over 10 years I think. Don’t waste any of your time on news and media because it won’t help you further in life.
  33. My favorite actors are Christoph Waltz, Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio.
  34. I like old people. They can take jokes, have life experience and interesting stories to tell.
  35. There are few famous people I would actually like to meet. I wouldn’t even care meeting any of the actors I mentioned above, however, Jackie Chan is the exception. As a young kid I loved his movies and I still remember lots of action scenes of his movies that I liked. He’s been a great inspiration to me to learn some of the weird skills I do. I also think he’s a genuinely nice guy. So if any of you have connections, feel free to send me a message.
  36. I did a sports education study for about 3 months before I decided it wasn’t for me.
  37. I’ve always had a rich inner world. I’m often very quiet, but then I’m just thinking. My imagination is very big and I often find it very easy to visualize concepts in my head.
  38. I like to discuss heavy subjects and question how people think about life. Especially when it comes to ethical subjects and moral dilemmas that don’t really have a factual answer. Those are things I love to think and talk about.
  39. Therefore, I’m also quite the philosopher. I can think about things hour after hour without getting bored.
  40. I absolutely hate small talk. If you want me to stay interested don’t talk to me about where you got your shoes from and what you did during the weekend. I simply don’t care.
  41. My ideal weekend is having absolutely no plans whatsoever.
  42. If you want to see me puke you have to force me to drink tea. I think tea is disgusting and don’t get why people like it. I also don’t drink coffee, dislike hot chocolate or basically any hot drinks. In my opinion, drinks should always be cold, no exceptions. I don’t care if it’s freezing, don’t serve me a warm drink.
  43. I’m an autodidact in fitness, nutrition and flexibility. Although I pretty recently got some certificates for personal trainer, weight consultant / nutritionist, sports nutrition specialist and functional training specialist, I have never had any classes in any of these subjects and I studied these areas on my own using books, the internet, online courses and by experiencing myself.
  44. I won YouTube NextUp in 2012. Some of the earlier viewers may already know this, but since I won the award I have gained over 80.000 subscribers.
  45. I dislike the supplement industry. I don’t really make a secret of that.
  46. I’m not a fan of using medicines and think disease should be prevented, not cured. I find medication interesting though and as a bachelor of nursing student always liked learning the different names.
  47. As a kid I was the fastest of my class, despite being almost the shortest guys.
  48. I’m allergic to grass and tree pollen as well as dust mites.

  49. I have migraines a couple of times a year. My right arm and the right side of my face including tongue and lips get paralyzed; I have auras meaning in my case I see white dots floating around. I also often temporarily lose half of my vision when I have migraines. I get aphasia, meaning I can’t speak properly and I also don’t understand everything people say to me at the time. When I read I simply don’t understand simple words like ‘the’ and ‘bed’ when I have migraines. It takes me a lot of time to read one simple sentence then, simply because I’m so messed up. And to finish it off I get extremely dizzy and have a very, very severe headache.
  50. On par of not being religious, I also don’t believe in things like Karma or superstition and don’t consider myself spiritual. I think about life a lot and probably in more complex ways than most people, but that doesn’t really make me feel like I’m spiritual. I believe in the power of nature and I believe in myself. I also believe you should do good and I have a very strong sense of justice and equality. However, the idea that there is something as simplistic as doing good and good will come to you is nonsense to me. There are tons of people who do good, but don’t get anything good in return. On the flipside there are also many people who do absolutely nothing good for this planet and get tons of money and are lucky and happy. Invest time in yourself, your education, your relationships and your mindset and you should do fine eventually. Karma also doesn’t promote selfless acts, because by doing good, you expect something good in return. Now I don’t make any illusions on this one, as there is no such thing as a selfless act. When I help people I feel good, so it’s in my personal interest to do good things for people and be nice. If I weren’t the person I am and liked to hurt people then that was what made me feel good. Luckily most people feel better when they can help people, otherwise the world was more messed up than it already is.

And on that note I end these 50 facts about me. It was pretty eye opening to put a big chunk of my personal life on paper. Some things where hard to write down, but I take pride in who I am and accept every part of myself the way it is now. It has taken a long time before I have accepted myself and my life for which I am and what it is. But I can tell you that the moment you’re fully happy with who you are, is the moment you feel the richest man alive.


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