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Book Of Six-Pack Abs


It took me more than a year to finish, but now it’s finally there: my first eBook.  School, internships, working out and YouTube had to be combined with writting an entire book of 113 pages (almost all text, so well worth your money. ‘The Complete, Not So Giant Book Of Six-Pack Abs’ is the first book I’ve written. If you want six-pack abs then you want this book!

It’s been a bumpy ride as I didn’t have a lot of time to write a book. Yet I’ve wanted to write one for years and I figured it was now or never. With my videos and blog articles I cover a wide range of topics and therefore I figured I should try to make use of my knowledge on various subjects. That’s why the book covers nutrition, fitness and weight loss in relation with getting six-pack abs. The book covers everything you have to know to get visible six-pack abs. Most books I’ve had in my hands regarding this topic don’t give the answer to most of my questions. So the main reason I wanted to write this book was because I wanted to share all the information I have gathered over the years as a YouTube teacher, nursing student, health enthusiast, personal trainer and nutritionist. Every question I have ever asked myself about how to get your abs ripped is answered in this book. I used research articles, my own experience, personal anecdotes, my education and the question and tips of others in the industry to write this fine piece of information!  The book is now available at for  $8.75!

You may ask yourself what exactly I cover. Since it is such a big subject I think it’s a good idea to show a list of some of the main topics I want to teach you more about.

– The anatomy of your abdominal muscles. I explain how the abdominal muscles are built up and why there are NO lower abdominal muscles.
– How low does your body fat percentage have to be to see your abs. You learn how you can measure your body fat percentage and what techniques are better than other techniques. This helps you to keep track of your progress.- How to burn more calories without extra activities. The effect of building muscle mass on your goal to get six-pack abs is described.
– The importance of sleep to get six-pack abs. What influence does sleeping and rest have on looking ripped?
– Genetics and getting washboard abs. How your genetics can determine that you have a higher risk of becoming overweight and the solutions for this problem.
– The sense and nonsense of somatotypes. What these terms mean are explained as well as the function that they have in modern day fitness.
– Fat deposition and your ability to get visible abdominal muscles. How you can have a high body fat percentage, but still have visible abs to show off at the beach is explained.
– How to fix uneven muscle development. You can fix an uneven developed core by applying the tips given in this book.
– What are unbalanced muscles and what is an abdominal gap?
– How to gain muscle mass without gaining fat. Learn exactly how much you should eat to gain muscle mass and lose fat at the same time. Formulas are given and the basics are explained in this chapter.
– The best nutrition guidelines to lose weight and gain muscle mass: Optimal nutrition is discussed for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle.
– What role can supplements play. Myths are separated from facts in this chapter about the effectiveness and safety of various main supplements, including: whey protein, creatine, amino acids, weight gainers, fat burners, multivitamins and minerals.
– High intensity interval training versus steady state cardio. One of the main questions I answer in this book is whether high intensity interval training is more effective to burn fat than steady state cardio. A lot of research articles come in play as well as personal anecdotes.
– Diets and weight loss tips: Weight loss diets are critically reviewed and I write about how you can get in great shape even with unhealthy foods.
– Meal timing: What you should eat at what time is discussed in this book by using some practical tips you can apply yourself.
– How much should you eat? This topic is covered throughout the book to emphasize the importance of a proper calorie intake.
– How to train your abdominal muscles properly?  Training your six-pack abs is a controversial topic which I’m going to highlight in one of the chapters. You learn exactly how to train your abdominal muscles for any given goal.
– Tips on how to work out your muscles and to become bigger and stronger. Practical tips are given for each goal that can be influenced by resistance training.
That’s just a small fraction of everything I cover in the book. The problem with many books I have seen come by don’t use research articles, are incomplete or simply not answering all the questions you can think of. If there are questions left after you read this book you have either skipped a few chapters or the question you have has never been asked before.

If you want to get your own copy of this PDF book you can follow this link:

You can immediately download the file after purchasing it. The document you download contains two things: The PDF eBook and a password. You are asked to fill out the password when you open the PDF file, just so you know.

Enjoy reading and if you don’t feel like spending anything on your education be sure to read my free blog articles and watch my YouTube videos which are free as well! Don’t hesitate if you have any questions on or off topic in the comment section below.

Have a healthy, successful and happy 2015!

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