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Healthy Or Nutritious?

Healthy or nutritious?

We are all taught what healthy food is, when we were kids. But where those teachings correct? We automatically assume that something that is nutritious is also healthy. That is not the case though. In this blog post I explain…

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6 Calorie-dense Meals

In my previous blog post I mentioned some easy to apply tips to increase your calorie intake. The next 6 calorie-dense meals are going to help you get in as many calories in one simple meal as possible. Most of…

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Calorie-Dense Foods

I recently got an email from a guy named Jonas who wanted some tips for healthy calorie-dense foods. Gaining weight can be as difficult or even more so for some, as is losing weight for others. Just as with losing…

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Book Of Six-Pack Abs

It took me more than a year to finish, but now it’s finally there: my first eBook.  School, internships, working out and YouTube had to be combined with writting an entire book of 113 pages (almost all text, so well…

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8 Weight Loss Tips: Nutrition

It’s almost January, which means a new start! New Year resolutions are getting closer very quickly and one of the most common resolutions is weight loss. Allow me to give you some tips on how to lose weight. This very…

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Cheat Meals: Weak Or Strong?

The theory of cheat meals is beautiful. Following a strict diet or eating clean the entire week after which you are allowed to pick one meal of choice. Something that is not healthy. A meal that actually tastes good and…

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